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You already have a web site and is designed at the highest level and you wait ... Await visitors coming to the site and make a purchase, or purchase a product, but visitors do not come.
In recent years, the Internet has become the information and trading arena in the world, most businesses today have a website to gain new customers and increase their sales volume.
And like any business owner wants to put his shop right at the entrance to the mall, so you want to be the first thing that surfers see when they search for your field service provider.

Competition between sites

One of the main places where users begin their online search engines are different, and Israel's most surfers start browsing the Google search engine.
But what, major search engines there is only room for 10 on the first page search results and little space for advertising. Directs a number of places on the first page of Google is limited sparked competition between publishers who will be in first place and get more customers from its competition. This competition has done great good surfers competing publishers aimed at children who would be the best site, the most informative with the cheapest prices and the most interesting content.

This competition is becoming expensive day by day and so there are professionals who study the subject of the Internet and understand what the user wants to see and accept your website.
Using Internet specialists called SEO.

How to promote website

Website promotion is also called organic SEO, it is because we perform natural actions on our website to make it more relevant for users. One of the main example is the writing of meaningful content for the user and the search engines that your site is updated identify relevant content for attendees and promote it across other sites.
Another way to promote a website is to optimize the site. For example by a short scan of the site can see which page views than other pages and promote them to the beginning of the page.

In the end there are about 200 different parameters that influence the ranking of your website in search engines for different impact parameter to the search engine algorithms. In order to promote quality and effective websites should investigate competitors' web sites and see what they did right and what is not, and thus understand what to do to be better than them, and offer higher quality browsing experience to the customer.

In EKDesign entire class of experienced webmasters in the country and the world, and we will be happy to help your site to be a leader on the competition and gain more customers. How do you know we're good? Well you have come to our site long before you arrived competitors.

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