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Web Design

Web design is a crucial step in the success of your website, our designers will help you achieve the perfect site for your users.

Website design is a key part of the process of building sites. When we look beneath the umbrella of building a website we have the stage of programming, content, storage, and most important design phase.
Well Website Design today is far beyond the right choice of colors and elements, but is really architecture is behind the whole psychology of our web design experts will be happy to introduce you.

How to design a website

Start to design the site characterization begins, we must decide who is our target audience and what we want to see. The design is the first impression your surfer sees and important to present him the really important issues dealt with your site. For example, if your site is an online store, it would be wise to present the user already on the home page the flagship products you want to sell, whether this is art, you can combine home page photo gallery and view pictures surfer relevant and compelling.

Using colors

The use of colors can be overwhelming for your site and you can send a message very clear by the use of colors.
Customers tend to ask a site designed in colors that integrate with each other and can send a message. For example, suppose we want to design a site institute center will then natural and right to incorporate shades of blue, green and white to create a relaxing and peaceful, we do Since we want to emphasize the serenity surfer can expect from our spa, on the other hand, if we build a websiteChildren prefer to use the colors more "flashy" such as pink, turquoise and yellow.
The right combination of colors will help to achieve harmony in site design and deliver a message for a user, and using the right shade will make your site easy on the eye and easy to read.
Another use that can be made in colors Site design is using contrasting colors to highlight certain parts of the site. For example, you can design your site nice and green theme on the home page will be red rather contrary. On - by using the sophisticated colors we can achieve a natural prominence of an entire region and focus on the user's main content.

The design is for the customer

When we design a site is important to remember that the site is not for us but for surfers and potential customers. Therefore, it is important to design our site so that it is convenient for browsing. The main goal should be proper construction site elements to Slgols be easy to navigate the relevant pages and get to what interests them on your site.
EKDesign's graphic designers will help you through the rich experience to design the best site for your target audience. Our designers existing experience in designing a wide range of sites in different areas and their creativity will help you achieve spectacular website innovative and well shaped surfers.

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